April 5, 2023

Use Video To Share Your Story & Get Noticed

I was so pumped when Jasmine Escalera invited me to be a guest on her podcast, Her Next Career Move! It was such a great conversation, we chatted about Career Stories and how to leverage them for your Job Search.

I met Jasmine in 2022 when we were both named LinkedIn Top Voices for Job Search and Careers and she’s such an inspiring and amazing human and an incredible Career and Confidence Coach. When she reached out and asked me to be on her podcast, there was no way I was going to say anything other than YES!

In this episode, Jasmine and I covered the following:

⭐ What your career story is, and why it’s so powerful for your job search
⭐ Using stories to marry your previous experiences to your new career goals
⭐ Where could you use your career story
⭐ How you can use video to shine
⭐ How do you get people to watch your videos
⭐ Ideal video length
⭐ Confidence-boosting tips for getting in front of the camera (FORMULA INCLUDED)

Jasmine and I are both Crossfitters, so we spoke a bit about our shared love/hate for some CrossFit moves.

Check out the full episode here! You can also click on the player below.

And don’t forget to subscribe to Jasmine’s podcast. She drops Job Search & Career Confidence GEMS every week!


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