I work with overlooked professionals who want to get noticed & land a job.

I've worked with overlooked professionals like you for years. Here's my WHY :

I know what it's like to follow the tired career advice that no doubt frustrates you right now:

…Customize your resume for each company? — Check!

…Create a killer cover letter? — Check!

…Spend hours applying to jobs online… along with 500 other dreaming hopefuls, and 2 days later, the reward for your efforts? An icky rejection email — Triple check!

After over 20 years of corporate experience and having sat on both sides of the hiring table. I’m here to help you navigate the job search in a way that will feel authentic to YOU.

I will teach you how to get Interviews !

Let Me Guess...


"I want to teach you how to easily capture the attention of the companies that want YOUR unique qualities & outcomes - providing you with ultimate leverage to negotiate your salary and get paid the most ever at your best job yet."

What if I Told You...

You can confidently scoot your resume to the “front of the callback line” even if you’re NOT the outspoken type.



You can ten-fold your chances of getting enthusiastic responses from those important, hard-to-impress and “I’ve seen it all” decision-makers.



You can work from what you already do in your job-searching efforts AND Level UP your “desirable applicant” status with a Personal Brand.



So what’s stopping you? Don’t let another day go by where you wait for a solution to come. It’s right here!


Here's what past clients are saying:

This 45-minute coaching call can be booked if you need help with:

  • LinkedIn Strategy (Content ideas, posting strategy, Profile optimization)
  • Video Strategy (Video Script feedback, Live help with video editing, Filming best practices)
  • Personal Branding Strategy (Social Media strategy, content planning, portfolio/personal website best practices)
  • Job Search Strategy* (Job Application Strategy, Networking, Salary Research, etc.)


*Does not include Resume Reviews, Interview Preparation, or Salary Negotiation.

Total Investment: $350.00

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