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That's how I felt back in 2013...

I was following the tired career advice that no doubt frustrates you right now:

…Customizing my resume for each company? — Check!

…Creating a killer cover letter? — Check!

…Sending in my high hopes… along with 500 other dreaming hopefuls, and 2 days later, getting a reward for my efforts: An icky rejection email — Triple check!

My efforts got me nothing but Rejections ...

That’s when I decided that if people weren’t going to *invite* me to interviews, I was just going to invite myself!

…And no, this isn’t a story where I barge into random offices, demanding an interview…or else!

I kickstarted the interview process with a video where I shared about my experience & why people enjoyed working with me.

It worked. I started getting Interviews !

Let Me Guess...


If you’ve been nodding your head to any of these statements, keep reading. You’re in the right place.

Are you ready to finally get that glorious callback from your wishlist companies today

instead of waiting months or years for them to “magically” decide to pop into your inbox?

Did you know for every corporate opening you’re likely to compete with up to 250 other  job seekers?

So it makes for you to leverage every tool at your fingertips to secure your “shortlisted status” as quickly as possible


With the lightning-fast emotional “buy-in” a video cover letter gets you.  Because it’s your virtual calling card.  The fail-safe key to meaningful and professional connections!

Here’s the thing...

With each and every resume you send today:

How many hiring opportunities do you miss out on by instantly boring the hiring manager?

As a recruiter in the tech space, can you can guess how many 100s of resumes I comb through every week?  So I want to share with you some vital insider secrets.

Because a video-enhanced resume does 2 things to help guide my hiring decisions:

  • Is she communicating her value to me?
  • Are there compelling reasons to read her resume?


The fact is, as a career professional on the job hunt, the #1 resume mistake is not only in the boring laundry list of past job titles and responsibilities.  The actual danger looms up when you don’t grab the interest of the hiring manager you’ve emailed.

Because the last thing you want an HR professional to think about your resume is:

“Why should I spend my next 3 minutes reading this?”

But what I’m suggesting is, it’s vital to showcase your personality beyond the application.  Consider your video intro as “instant proof” to prompt her next step.

What if I Told You...

It takes tremendous fortitude to grab a recruiter’s eye or maintain a hiring manager’s attention (aaaand that’s *forever* the #1 challenge of every job seeker)


Being shortlisted as one of the only 10 candidates to interview is HARD, but the shame-inducing regret and energy-drain after shipping out resume upon resume…And NOT using every tactic at your fingertips, to stand out from every other person in that talent pool?  *Is without a doubt 100 times HARDER*

Company culture is the unspoken “secret weapon” at your fingertips to be thoughtfully considered for the role *except* when you accidentally forget how the gatekeeper reading your resume *at this very moment* subconsciously uses it against you, if you miss out on the chance to proactively position yourself with it — beforehand

To decide on YOU, a hiring team doesn’t just go by your laundry list of flat, on-the-job facts. Their “why should we hire YOU” demand requires an obvious and logical presentation, the clear evidence you give to showcase outcomes you’re known to produce

“Let’s get jaded decision-makers and gatekeepers into the habit of “magically” understanding the value of your career expertise — with video 🎥”


LevelUp With Video VIP Day

A 4-hour 1:1 virtual coaching session where I’ll help you get started using video to get noticed by employers.

This is what we'll do together


1- Define

I help you get clear on your job search goals, your ideal employer, and master your mindset so you can say goodbye to self-doubt and show up on camera confidently.

2- Develop

I’ll guide you through my storytelling framework. We’ll choose the type of story you’ll be using for your personal brand. Together we’ll write the foundational pieces of your video resume or video cover letter script.

3- Deliver

I’ll share my video editing hacks & best practices. We’ll cover everything from lighting, audio, and on camera confidence to how to film and edit like a pro. No prior video experience needed.

4- Distribute

Create a video strategy that will cover how to market your video with job applications, hiring manager outreach, and on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok Resumes.

Meet Your Coach


I’m former Software Engineer and Project Manager turned Tech Recruiter. So I understand firsthand, that operating in the job market as an energy-zapped and disheartened job seeker, rarely, (if ever!) lands you the dream job you desire.

Because just like you, back in 2013, I was doing #AllTheThings the career coaches advise, to successfully land a  job.

Since 2017, I’ve helped my clients capture the attention of employers and secure interviews with ease by helping them find their voice and establish an undeniable personal brand.

"I want to help you build career equity. Get past the “price your worth” fear. Build the courage to communicate what you know you deserve even if you don’t feel like the smartest, most veteran person in the room"

After our VIP Day, you'll:


Be crystal clear on the value you bring to the table; you’ll understand who your ideal employer is and how to target them



Find your voice and develop the confidence to finally show up on camera. You’ll no longer feel yourself overcome by the pressure to try being someone you’re not, just to get a job



Attract employers who are eager to pay you what you’re worth.


So what’s stopping you? Don’t let another day go by where you wait for a solution to come. It’s right here!

Included in Your VIP Day


Recording & Transcript

You’ll get a copy of our session recording.

3 Weeks of Support

Unlimited email support (during business hours)

Video Critiques

Custom feedback for your script & video resume

Customer Portal

Central location for all workbooks and resources.

This is for you if:

This is not for you if:


Frequently asked questions about the Level Up With Video VIP Day

I’ll teach you my storytelling framework and we’ll work together to create the base pieces of your script. You’ll put it all together and create the final script. I’ll provide feedback to your script during the 3-week support period.

No. During our VIP Day I’ll show you how to edit your video and will provide feedback during the 3-week support period.

Fill out the Application and if we’re a good fit for each other, I’ll reach out with next steps.

I’ve been hiring in the Tech Industry for over a decade and have helped hundreds of people land jobs. I’m a LinkedIn Top Voice for Job search and Careers for 2022.

I’ve worked in the Tech Industry since 2005. I’ve been a job seeker multiple times and have successfully built a Personal Brand that I leverage to this day.

Yes. You can pay in full or you can make 2 payments (50% at the time of booking and 50% three days before your VIP day)

You’ll have 3 weeks of unlimited email support and will receive 2 custom video critiques with feedback for your video script and video resume.

Show me how to build career equity using A VIDEO RESUME — MY #1 CALLBACK SECRET
Level Up Your Job Search

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