March 1, 2022

Job Search Weekly Schedule

A conversation a day keeps your job search alive…

Look, it doesn’t rhyme, but it works!

If you’re like me and you hate networking, the thought of having 1 conversation every day is probably making you want to run for the hills.

That’s one of the reasons why I initially created a video cover letter; I wanted to do the networking on my terms.

But after you create your video cover letter, how do you get people to watch it? That’s the 2nd most common question I get about video cover letters.

Sample Job Search Schedule

Here’s what a typical week of job searching looks like for me:

📆 Monday

Create a post on LinkedIn and Twitter sharing my video cover letter and alerting my network that I’m #OpenToWork. This usually results in at least 1 DM.

After replying to the DM, I focus on hashtag research and spend about 30 min on a job board. If I see something I like, I apply, and of course, I include a link to my video cover letter with the application.

📆 Tuesday

I check out recent posts for the hashtags I researched and engage with other people’s content. By engage I mean I like, comment, share, etc. This usually results in at least one DM.

📆 Wednesday

By mid-week I usually have at least one call scheduled from the DMs that happened earlier in the week. I also use Wednesdays to follow up and DM any people whose posts I shared or commented on the day before.

This is also the day I usually create a new post directly addressing one of the pain points that my ideal employer struggles with, and of course, I refer back to my video and talk about how I solve this problem.

📆 Thursday

By this time, I likely have at least 1 interview scheduled or another intro call from the DMs earlier in the week. I spend 30 min on a job board to see if there’s anything I’m interested in applying to, and I do cold outreach to the hiring manager or recruiter from the job(s) I applied to on Monday.

 📆 Friday

I either create a new post, one that’s not directly tied to my video but one that is of service to my network (even if it’s a funny meme or an interesting article I found online).

I reserve Fridays to reach out to old co-workers or potential co-workers (at companies I’m interested in working at) and just say hi and nurture or start building the connection.

It Works!

As you can see, I have at least ONE conversation every day. I don’t spend a ton of time on job boards (but I DO apply to jobs online). This approach significantly speeds up my job search. It also helps with my job search anxiety, as I feel like ONE conversation a day is an easy metric to hit.

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