September 12, 2021

Get Interviews Even If Your Resume Sucks!

A few days ago, I saw a post going around LinkedIn where a job seeker was letting recruiters know that all she needed was an interview and she’d be able to explain why she was a fit for the role. The post started with:

“Dear Recruiters, I just need an interview…”

She proceeded to explain that although her resume could show in a nutshell what she had done, there was so much more behind those past accomplishments that made her qualified for the role.

And I know most people will fault her resume for not opening doors for her, but the truth is, even if she had the perfect resume written by the best resume writer, she might still not stand out. And that’s the main reason why I hate resumes. Yes, I hate them!

There’s so much that can’t be captured on a piece of paper.

Not going to lie; that post took me back to that place of frustration and desperation that I felt so many years ago when I had first moved to the U.S. The post reminded me of the frustration most of my clients feel before they start working with me. That feeling of: “If I could just get an interview, I can show you that I’m the right person for the role.”

I don’t know about you, but frustration usually leads me to find the best solutions to problems. And back in 2013, this was my problem; I was not getting interviews. And I don’t remember all of the specific details, but I remember being frustrated and deciding that I no longer wanted to be frustrated. I was going to take matters into my own hands, and people were going to hear about how I was a fit for their open roles, whether they wanted to or not. After an inspirational google search, I stumbled upon Video Cover letters. That’s the day my career changed forever.

I was no longer overlooked and in the auto rejection pile. I started getting interviews.

Through that Google search, I learned that the key to getting interviews is getting potential employers to know, like, and trust you, and the easiest way to get a stranger to trust you is by using video.

So fast forward to 2021, and after multiple versions of my video cover letter and after mentoring and coaching numerous job seekers, I know a thing or two on how to get noticed by employers. For this post, I’ll focus specifically on video and the types of videos you can use to help with your job search.

Get them to KNOW YOU

First off, you want them to get to know you. To do this, you can create an intro video, aka a Video Cover letter. Most platforms make it easy to highlight this type of video. For example, LinkedIn recently launched Video Cover Stories, Instagram lets you have a story highlight, TikTok has TikTok Resumes, YouTube lets you create an intro video for non-subscribers. You get the drift. This type of video is the trailer to the story of your background and experience. It’s the first step for a potential employer to get to know you. Here you’ll share about the main problem you know how to solve. You’ll clue them into your zone of genius. You’ll also be very specific about the next steps they can take to contact you, aka your Call to Action.

This type of video is powerful because it gives a quick preview, and it works forever. It’s the evergreen video that you can keep up for years. When done right, this video will open doors for you even when you’re not actively looking.

Get them to LIKE YOU

So great! They’ve watched the trailer, and they’re ready to learn more. They’ve probably already sent out an interview request, but in the meantime, they’re kind of hooked, so they want to learn more about you. Now we can get them to start liking you. We want them to keep binge-watching your career story.

So here’s where you can use short-form videos like Reels, TikToks, Instagram Stories, or YouTube Shorts. Share a quick Behind the Scenes or Day in the life video.

In this type of video, it’s crucial to show your personality. Companies hire humans. You want to give them a preview of what it would be like to work with you. This is the type of video that helps you attract companies with the culture that works for you. And no, I’m not talking about dancing and pointing at word bubbles. In these short videos, your goal should be to show viewers that you are an expert in your area and that there’s a human behind this expertise, so they have to hear your voice, and when possible, they have to see you. You want them to picture you at their company.

Get them to TRUST YOU

Ok, so now that they know you and like you, they can imagine themselves working with you, now it’s time to show them HOW you can solve their problems. These are the videos that help seal the deal. I’m talking about Tutorials, Project Walkthroughs, Live Q&As, Livestreams of you doing your thing. If you want to showcase how you work with others, you can even interview a former co-worker, client, or someone who has collaborated with you on a side project. This is where you take them through your process, show them why they’d be stupid not to hire you. You can also have a video that compiles your social proof, testimonials, referrals, kudos emails, etc. The options are endless when it comes to creating videos to build trust.

How To Get Started with Video

I know it may sound like a lot, but it’s really not. If you show up on video so that potential employers can know, like, and trust you, getting interviews and ultimately landing a job will happen even when you’re not actively looking. I promise!

If you need help coming up with a video strategy and figuring out what to say on video, I have 1:1 Coaching VIP Day, where I teach you everything from what to say on video, how to film and edit video easily, and how to get your videos in front of the people that need to be watching them. Click here to Apply.


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