August 4, 2021

3 Ways To Get More Interviews

With the number of job seekers out there, it’s no surprise that one of the biggest challenges a job seeker faces is getting interviews. A lot has been said about how having a personal brand can help you get noticed and get interviews, but the truth is your goal shouldn’t just be to get interviews but to kickstart the interview process. That’s why everything you put out there to help your job search should provide a preview of what you bring to the table.

Here are 3 things you can do to kickstart the interview process and land a job:

#1 Show Up Online

Showcasing your expertise online is one of the easiest ways to attract employers. Companies want to hire someone that will help them solve problems. And yes, your resume gives them a preview of how you’ve solved problems in the past, but typically, they only get to see it once you’ve applied. If you consistently share evidence of what you bring to the table, the odds of a recruiter or hiring manager finding you are higher.

Showing up online can mean many things; you need to find what’s most comfortable for you and stick to it. For example, if you like to write, you can start a blog or share a series of threads on Twitter or LinkedIn.

If you prefer to learn from others, you can start a podcast or start live streaming with other experts in your field. Both of these options are super powerful because they give insight into how you work with others, and that’s something a resume will never be able to convey.

The point is, find what works for you and stick to it. Consistency is the most important part of showing up online.

#2 Leverage the Power of Video

Video is the easiest way to get a stranger to know, like, trust you, and ultimately hire you. It immediately humanizes you and makes you someone an employer can get excited about hiring. Video is one of the easiest ways to kickstart the interview process. When an employer can see and hear you share your expertise, it immediately builds rapport. There have been so many times when I’ve checked in with one of my coaching clients to ask how their interview went, and they replied with:

The interviewer treated me as if they knew me from before.”

That’s the power of video. People feel that they know you, that they can trust you. And that’s what you want. You want them to be able to picture how it would be to work with you.

For years marketers have been leveraging the power of video to sell their products, and with social media platforms ramping up their video features, we’re seeing even the job search is headed in this direction. Earlier this year, LinkedIn launched Video Cover Stories, last year, they incorporated stories, and they are encouraging creators on their platform to post video content. Even TikTok has jumped on this piece of the market and has launched TikTok Resumes.

I have an upcoming video series on Leveraging Video for your Job Search. So be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. And if you’re ready to incorporate video into your job search strategy, apply to my Level Up With Video VIP Day.

#3 Clean Up Your Social Media

If people can’t tell what you do and what you’re looking for within the first few seconds of visiting any of the social media profiles you use for your job search, they’re not going to stick around. The truth is, in this day and age, people have very short attention spans, and they’re just so many job seekers out there that if a recruiter or hiring manager can’t tell within the first few seconds, what you’re an expert at and what you’re looking for; they’re just going to move on.

Make sure that your LinkedIn header, Twitter bio, and other social media bios immediately let someone know what you do and what you’re looking for. It all comes down to having a personal brand.

You’ve probably heard about personal branding before. If you haven’t, it’s simply the very conscious and intentional steps you take to share your skills, expertise, and personality with the world. I like to define it as the way you choose to share your story. That can be achieved in so many ways. The most important part about your personal brand is that it has to reflect who you are and how you show up at work.

Next Steps

Before you implement any of the tips in this article, the first and most important thing you should do is figure out who you are talking to and zero in on the type of job you are targeting.  If you don’t know the answer to this question, and if all of your personal branding efforts aren’t geared to your ideal employer and ideal role, then you’re just wasting time.

Any time I work with a client, the very first thing we do is Clarify. It’s the first step in my framework. I help you get clear on your job search goals, your ideal employer, and master your mindset so you can say goodbye to self-doubt and show up confidently.

Apply for the Level Up with Video VIP Day, and kickstart the interview process without having to waste time applying to hundreds of jobs.

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